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15 TV stations reporting live from the speed performances in Val Gardena/Gröden


The super-G and the downhill on the Saslong are among the great classics in the Alpine Ski World Cup - the comprehensive live coverage on TV underlines this in an impressive way.

Starting with the super-G on Friday, which at the request of the Italian public radio and TV company RAI was brought forward to an 11:45 am start, twelve TV stations will be broadcasting in real time. The broadcast is not limited to the public broadcasters of major European ski nations, but also includes coverage in Asia and the USA. Furthermore, in addition to the live broadcast, there are numerous TV stations which will showcase the impressive pictures from Val Gardena/Gröden around the world with a time delay.

Even more extensive than Friday will be Saturday’s coverage of the downhill classic: No less than 15 TV stations will be reporting in real time on the outcome of the race. As with the super-G, a large number of highlight clips and background reports will be broadcast by countless TV stations all over the world at different times during the downhill.

Both the super-G on Friday as well as the downhill on Saturday will start at 11:45 am.