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33 letters, one single goal


The solidarity and cohesion shown by institutions, associations, administrators and partner companies is one of the major strengths of Val Gardena's candidacy to host the 2029 World Ski Championships.

Inside the dossier presented in September 2023 to FIS, there are 33 letters of intent that prove the spirit that supports this candidature, which gathers the inhabitants, the institutions and the sporting and entrepreneurial realities of Val Gardena, and which also spread to a provincial and national level.

Each of these letters represents a demonstration of trust towards the Organising Committee of the World Cup races and represents a fundamental element of aggregation that also attests to the importance of the work carried out by the Saslong Classic Club in these over 50 years of World Cup races, which have brought prestige to Val Gardena and South Tyrol, and conferred an important wealth of experience for the future.

The political support around this true vision for the future is cohesive, as is the involvement of the sports associations, strengthened by a project that aims to be not only a great innovative athletic event, but an opportunity to promote an area that is home to sports, with avant-garde infrastructures, and where the desire to leave a lasting legacy for the athletes and professionals of tomorrow acts as a lever and fills with enthusiasm all those who have decided to support this idea.

An all-round involvement, which also involves the world of industry and business. Numerous companies have, in fact, always been linked to the Alpine world and to the ‘’White Circuit‘’ in particular, and they have not missed the opportunity to emphasise their commitment to this sport, united by the same passion for skiing and winter sports.

All together in the intentions and the desire to host the Alpine World Ski Championships in Val Gardena and South Tyrol, 59 years after the 1970 edition, in order to experience the same emotions and witness a unique event that will remain etched in the memory of all fans of this sport and beyond.

Credits: @Moroder Diego