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A stressful but exciting week has concluded for Rainer Senoner, president of the Val Gardena/Gröden World Cup Organizing Committee. He talks to the Saslong editorial team about the weather, the races and what fifty years of the World Cup mean for the valley.

Mr. Senoner, the fiftieth edition of the World Cup races in Val Gardena is over. Did everything go to your satisfaction?
Yes and no. In summary, it has been a difficult week. Conditions haven’t been as difficult in years. Although we had a lot of snow this year which actually would make the work easier, the weather conditions were very mixed. Fog, snow, rain and sunshine - there was a little bit of everything this week. This meant that we had to accomplish a lot of work on the racetrack, but we were able to have perfect course conditions on the two days of the races. In the end, we finished both races according to plan, and the weather god also meant it well with us on the day of the downhill. A big thank you to all workers on the course and finish area - they have done a great job in the last few days.

Sport and show have been combined well in recent days. How important was this show for the organization?
Very important. I mean, from a sporting point of view, we try to make the races a first-class event every year. This year, an extended entertainment program was added to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We tried to give the best of us and to offer something unique. The show, which was televised, was also an additional challenge for us all - not only in terms of men-power, but also finacially. I believe, and I hope, that we were able to enchant people with it - and that they realize the efforts that have gone into it behind the scenes.

And now you are looking confidently into the future?
Definitely. We celebrated the past this year and now it's time to look ahead. We have changed some things and we want to continue in this direction. It will not be easy, but we are very motivated. To achieve our goals we need the support and cooperation of everyone. If we can achieve that - and I am convinced we do - then we can look confidently to the next fifty years of World Cup.