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A "get-together" for sports, business and politics



White linen, meticulously set tables and small Christmas fir trees welcome visitors to the "SAP Business one Saslounge" in the finish area of ​​the World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden. With great attention to detail, the white tent, whose organization is supported by the company "SAP Business one", was decorated for the great rush expected for this year's anniversary edition: two floors and 625 square meters provide ample space for around 800 people. While whole tables can be booked on the upper floor, in the so-called Platinum area, the "Feel Free" area on the ground floor is a little more relaxed: "Both areas have their own special flair: while the Platinum area is particularly interesting for the corporate crowd that wants to spend exclusive time with customers, employees or partners, the “Feel Free” area is all about networking and building new contacts”, explains Stefania Demetz, Managing Director of the World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden.

Anniversary celebration par excellence

The new two-story lounge building gave its World Cup debut last Friday. An additional highlight of the day was definitely the "Anniversary Dinner” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden. Former athletes and Saslong winners, such as Franz Klammer, Michael Walchhofer, Harti Weirather, Stefan Eberharter, Karl Schranz, Werner Heel, Aksel Lund Svindal, Uli Spiess, Bernhard Russi, Gustav Thoeni, Herbert Plank and Pirmin Zurbriggen took the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in Val Gardena/Gröden. But also secretary general of the FIS, Sarah Lewis, and Fisi president Flavio Roda celebrated the big anniversary in the "Feel Free" area. They were entertained by acrobats, who provided breathtaking moves at the anniversary show, as well as the mezzo-sopranos Erika Mussner and Sabina Willeit.

Networking with ski sport

Today, Saturday, the best of "SAP Business one-Saslounge" can be experienced again. Above all, sponsors and partners of the World Cup in Val Gardena are welcome today. After the racers have dared to tackle the Saslong, numerous corporate guests will make themselves comfortable in the Platinum or "Feel Free" area. Companies such as Sparkasse AG, Alperia, Rauch, Stiegel or Rothoblaas have already reserved tables where they will be served a five-course meal together with their guests. "Platinum tables are a great way to invite your customers and partners to the event and to celebrate together, or to just say thank you. Around 300 people will be seated in the Platinum area on Saturday, and just as many will be in the "Feel-free" area. For example, there is a small Prinoth Lounge "which Prinoth has reserved for its guests; you can see that the offer is really well received and is ideal for networking” continues Demetz.

Unique platform

Numerous companies are already using these events within the event to organize a "get-together" for their guests - something the organizers are particularly pleased about. "Sports events are now immensely important tools in the business-to-business area. It is no longer enough to just hang a billboard somewhere. The relationships between the stakeholders have to be maintained and intensified” Demetz continues. "We have to give space for these new trends to develop. For this reason, we offer a well-organized platform during the two days of the race, so that sport, business and politics can optimally network. In recent years, and especially in this year's anniversary - this has been exemplary in our view ".

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