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"A role model for all"


After his victory in the super-G on Friday, "Saslong King" Aksel Lund Svindal outshines everything in Val Gardena/Gröden. Here is what the racers had to say about today's super-G.

Aksel Lund Svindal (1st place)
"I've been training very well with my teammates lately. We always push each other in training, which is a big advantage for all of us. The fact that I could celebrate my 36th World Cup victory today and my seventh success here in Val Gardena/Gröden makes me even happier. I've heard that I'm now on a par with Benjamin Reich when it comes to World Cup victories - that's a fine thing, because he was already one of the best racers when I entered the World Cup as a young competitor. My health is continuously getting better, too; I feel physically stronger than I have in a long time".

Christof Innerhofer (2nd place)
"I was a bit nervous before the start today because I have not done so well in super-G this year - despite a strong training ethic. But because I had nothing to lose, I risked everything and went full throttle from top to bottom. When I crossed the finish line and heard all the spectators cheering, I knew immediately that I had skied very fast. The feeling to perform like this in front of my own fans is simply phenomenal. That it wasn't enough to win isn't bad; often you're lucky with the hundredths, sometimes you aren ot - today the hundredths weren't on my side. But Svindal absolutely deserves first place. He works very hard for his success and is still highly motivated despite his many victories. As an athlete, you can only take your hat off to him and the entire Norwegian team, they are real sporting role models”.

Kjetil Jansrud (3rd place)
"I am very happy about my result today [it was the 50th World Cup podium in Jansrud’s career, Ed.] I don't usually pay attention to statistics, but of course I want to be among the top three in every race and get many more podium places. I really like the race course here in Val Gardena/Gröden - it has a lot of jumps, waves and rolls that require a balanced mixture of risk and control. I analyzed my mistakes from yesterday's practice and learned from them. Such things are much easier if you already have some years of experience. Now I will continue to work hard in downhill to get it back to where I am in Super-G."

Peter Fill (39th place)
"I am actually doing quite well, but I don't have the necessary self-confidence to really step on the gas in key areas. Unfortunately, a mid-season injury is never ideal, but I will continue to work hard and hope to get back to where I. Instead of tomorrow's downhill I will have a few practice runs. The more I ski, the better it is.”

Dominik Paris (DNF)
"I made several mistakes today, one of which cost me the race. I chose the wrong line for the Camel Humps, drifted too far to the right and then I didn't make it to the line. What gives me confidence is the fact that the basic speed is there. Tomorrow is a new day at the downhill - of course I will go on full attack."