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Anniversary Celebration on Saturday in St. Christina


For the fiftieth time, the World Cup ski race will be held on the Saslong this December. This is a good reason to celebrate for Val Gardena/Gröden next Saturday, September 2nd in St. Christina. Peter Fill and the Italian national downhill team will be there as will be two camels.

The first World Cup downhill race in Val Gardena/Gröden was hosted in 1969. The following year, the World Championship took place in the valley and since then the Saslong has been on the men's World Cup calendar. "We want to properly celebrate this great tradition of Val Gardena/Gröden as a World Cup venue" said Rainer Senoner, President of the Organizing Committee, adding "A lot has happened in the valley turning it into one of the best known places on the ski map. The World Cup has definitely made a decisive contribution to this development."

All former and current members of the OC are invited to join the Italian downhill team in celebrating all which the Saslong has achieved in the course of the last 50 years. The current national team with Peter Fill has announced their presence, along with the heroes of the past including record-winner Kristian Ghedina (he won the race in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2001) and the only South Tyrolean downhill winner Herbert Plank (1977). Patrick Staudacher, "Much" Mair, Dominik Paris, and Peter Runggaldier, Werner Perathoner and 21 other local downhill athletes from Val Gardena/Gröden, who all have started in World Cup races on the Saslong will be there.

St. Christina will be transformed into the Saslong for the festivities featuring a Start House, the Camel Humps, Ciaslat and other important passages on a course running along the main road. In addition, the celebration will show case a ski race with competing World Cup stars, a parade with more than 120 participants in historical costumes and matching equipment and the presentation of the anniversary song as well as this year's winner trophies. A special attraction includes two camels in honor of one of the key passages on the Saslong, the spectacular jumps over the Camel Humps.