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"Another tough day is just around the corner"


The last details for the downhill classic on the Saslong were ironed out in today’s fourth team captains‘ meeting in Selva/Wolkenstein. As the weather forecasts predict less snowfall than originally expected, nothing should stand in the way of a regular race.

FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner was in good spirits: "Saturday will certainly be another tough day for us, but I expect that we will be able to host the downhill race as planned. According to the current weather forecast, it should only snow 20 instead of 30 cm, which is of course good news for us". Nevertheless, he said that overnight crews will be working hard to get the track in top condition for the race. "In the early morning, we will make a final decision on whether we need to move the start from the first reserve start to the original start of the super-G," Waldner concluded.

On behalf of the entire team, the President of the Val Gardena/Gröden OC, Rainer Senoner, thanked all those who helped to make today‘s super-G happen. "Today was exhausting for everyone, but I'm thrilled that we managed to have a race," said Senoner. Waldner agreed with him and spoke of a "right decision in the name of the sport.“ He addressed his gratitude primarily to the media and the racers, who "showed great patience and kept their concentration high even over the course of several hours.