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Bailet opens the super-G, favorites are chasing later


At the team captains' meeting on Thursday evening, the start numbers for the super-G on the Saslong were assigned. 

The first athlete at the starting gate on Friday is Frenchman Matthieu Bailet at 11:45 am sharp. Two runners from the Italian speed team, Christof Innerhofer (who celebrates his 37th birthday on Friday) and Mattia Casse, will follow directly after.

The strongest contenders for victory in the super-G will take their turn a little later: the current discipline ranking leader, Marco Odermatt from Switzerland, has bib 9, Vincent Kriechmayr from Austria (super-G winner in 2019) bib 11.

Defending champion and top favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde of Norway will plunge out of the starting gate as the 13th skier - in view of his outstanding form and not least due to his strong training performances, his run is definitely expected to set a benchmark for the competition.

Local favorite Dominik Paris from Ulten is wearing bib 18 and thus starts directly behind Beat Feuz from Switzerland and just in front of Matthias Mayer from Austria on the 2,415 meter long slope.

The top group of the best 20 Super-G racers is rounded out by France's Nils Allegre. A total of 60 athletes will start in the first of two speed events on the Saslong.

The complete start list of the Super-G is available here.