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Camel humps Forst Village


Get excited by the world's best skiers jumping more than 80 meters right next to the Camel Humps, the most spectacular section of the Saslong track. No other spot conveys the impressive speed of the track and the unique emotions triggered by it. The Camel Hump First Village will cater to you with its local delicacies in addition to a glass of FORST beer, games and other surprises.

The Camel Humps can be reached by skis and snowboard from the Saslong B track or by foot along the Camel Humps Trail through the forest starting at Pozzamanigoni, Selva (approx. 20 minutes walking time).

The ticket includes access to the exclusive area with spectacular views of the Camel Humps in addition to a giant TV screen following the entire race as well as a snack and a drink.