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Downhill training on Thursday shortened and moved up to 10:00 am


At the second Team Captains‘ Meeting on Wednesday evening, the cancelled training run was discussed in addition to a look at the training on Thursday.

Tomorrow’s training run does not start as originally planned at 11:45 am, but instead has been moved up to 10 am. The reason for this is the delicate weather forecast which predicts a deterioration from 12 pm onwards. "The forecast for Thursday is again not very promising, but for the morning it should be ok. Should the weather not cooperate, we will have more flexibility to move the training backward in order to squeeze in at least one donwhill training before the race," FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner explained the decision.

The training will start on Thursday from the first reserve start – which means that the downhill classic on Saturday will not start from the original start either. If required, two more reserve starts will be available in addition to the first reserve start, including one from the Super-G start.

It has also been decided that the race program will stand as is. This means that the super-G will be held on Friday followed by the downhill on the next day. For a short time, a race swap was in discussion but this option has been tabled due to the latest weather forecast.

The experienced French racer Johan Clarey will kick off the training on Thursday. The complete starting list of the training run can be found here.