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“Everything is ready and we are looking forward to great races"


The mood of the organizers and the FIS was very good also at the third team captains' meeting in Selva/Wolkenstein. Both training runs went without any major incidents, thus, nothing stands in the way of the upcoming two races on the weekend.

Rainer Senoner, President of the Val Gardena/Gröden Organizing Committee, thanked all the helpers for the smooth preparation of the course and spoke of "two excellent training runs behind us". The technical delegate Edi Dreschl echoed the words of Senoner and once again referred to the "ideal conditions" of the course.

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner also drew a very positive interim conclusion. “So far everything went as planned - we’re ready for both for the super-G on Friday and the downhill on Saturday. The weather should be on our side as well", Waldner added optimistically.

Finally, OC head Senoner reminded everybody of the speed competition for young racers, which celebrates its premiere this year. As part of the competition, the speed of 120 children will be measured immediately after the end of the super-G on the finish schuss of the Saslong racing course.