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"Everything is set on the Saslong"


At the second Team Captains' Meeting in Selva/Wolkenstein on Wednesday evening, those responsible for the 55th Saslong Classic looked ahead to the first of three races that will take place on Thursday.

The president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, explained that today's day without training or racing was spent giving the course a final polish. "We removed the light layer of snow from the slope today. So now the Saslong is ready for racing," said Senoner.

Viktor Gichev, on FIS technical delegate duty in Val Gardena/Gröden, spoke of a "successful training run with relatively good visibility" about Tuesday's training run. Today's inspection showed that the OC team did a good job again. I think everything is ready for the upcoming three days," commented Gichev, wishing the athletes all the best for the forthcoming three races.

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner agreed with Gichev and underlined the great effort of the course workers in preparing the slope. "We did some more work on the Ciaslat today, as the exit was perhaps at the limit. To defuse it, we removed about 15 cm - but now everything is set," added course setter Hannes Trinkl.

Thursday's downhill, which will be raced from the super-G start, begins at 12 noon.