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"Excellent slope, great weather!"


The International Ski Federation FIS and the Organizing Committee Val Gardena/Gröden met on Monday evening for the second team captains’ meeting to discuss the first training day with the participants.

The President of the Organizing Committee, Rainer Senoner, welcomed everyone and thanked them for the good cooperation and support.

Matiaz Kiranjc, technical delegate of the FIS from Slovenia, expressed great praise. He was pleased that the training runs were carried out so smoothly. Atle Skaardal, the Norwegian FIS race director, paid a big compliment to the whole team. "It was a really successful day. The trainings went without a hitch.

Even the sun came out for the second run. The visibility was perfect and the slope was excellent." Skaardal won the downhill race in Val Gardena/Gröden in 1990. About the Saslong track he says that "exactly the right adjustments were made for the ladies' races. It's a lot of fun to watch. I hope the ladies enjoy racing it, too. I think that according to the circumstances the race was very well organized and that the committee put in a lot of effort. This course contains all the elements that belong to a downhill: steep hillsides, jumps, technical passages and fast sections".

The training tomorrow, Tuesday, will take place at 10:00 am followed by the actual downhill race at 12:30 pm. Nicol Delago, the local heroine, starts the race with bib 14.

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