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Ferstl is starting with bib number 1 in super-G


On Thursday evening, the starting bib numbers for the super-G on the Saslong were drawn during a warm celebration at the Medal Plaza "La Stua" in Selva/Wolkenstein.

Josef Ferstl from Germany will open the race on Friday. The winner of the 2017 Val Gardena/Gröden super-G will be the first racer to push off the start at 11:45 am. Mauro Caviezel from Switzerland comes in with number 3, the local hero from the Ulten valley Dominik Paris follows rwith number 5.

The leader of the discipline ranking, Matthias Mayer from Austria, has the number 9, while the Swiss Marco Odermatt, who celebrated his World Cup victory in Beaver Creek two weeks ago, follows with the number 11. The Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud, on the other hand, will go down the track with number 15 - the fastest in training is one of the hottest contenders for the gold, not least because of his extremely successful past accomplishments on the Saslong.

The three other South Tyroleans, who aside from Dominik Paris will tackle the super-G, will follow with starting numbers above the first group of 30 racers: Peter Fill has the number 32, Alexander Prast the number 49, Florian Schieder the number 61.

The complete starting list of the Super-G can be found here.