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General Assembly of the Saslong Classic Club



Last Thursday, the Saslong Classic Club held its annual meeting looking back on a very successful year. Two members were honored for their many years of service; a new organizational structure was presented.

"The 50th anniversary celebration certainly was highlight of the 2017 race and a special celebration for the whole valley," recalls President Rainer Senoner. "But the focus remains on the actual races, where the whole team did a great job. We will continue to build on that. "

For 20 years, Robert Perathoner and Juri Demetz have been part of the organization. Perathoner, a World Cup downhill racer himself, is a photographer and ensures the many perfect shots on and off the course. Demetz is part of the team that is responsible for track preparation. They both received an honorary pin from President Senoner.

There are changes in the organizational structure. The new organization chart foresees four major departments: office administration, sports, ticketing, and special events and catering. This new, modern structure should facilitate processes and ensure even more efficient work. Stefania Demetz has resigned as Managing Director.