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HOSPITALITY with a capital H


This is a major first: for the first time in the long history of FIS Alpine World Ski Championship bids, a candidate destination has concluded an agreement with several accommodation facilities, BEFORE the eventual awarding of the title, ensuring accommodation for the entire FIS family.

In Val Gardena, hospitality and attention to customers' requests have always played an important role, and this will not change if the South Tyrolean valley in the Dolomites becomes host to the Alpine Ski World Championships, scheduled for 2029. On the opposite: thanks to the collaboration with HGV (the local hoteliers and restaurateurs’ association), Dolomites Val Gardena and the Tourism Associations, a preliminary agreement has already been signed with more than 270 accommodation facilities - equivalent to about one-third of the available beds in Val Gardena - to guarantee accommodation for the participating delegations, FIS officials, media representatives and other stakeholders.

This means that an essential requirement for the World Championship bid has already been met, even before the announcement of the 2029 World Championship host venue, which will take place on June 4th at the FIS Congress in Reykjavik. Once again, it is clear that the majority of the Val Gardena community is unanimous in supporting the Alpine Ski World Championships project and has recognised the opportunities that will arise for the positive and sustainable development of the entire region. All that is needed is already in place and ready-to-use, and no construction projects will be necessary to meet the demand for guest beds.

Several Val Gardena hoteliers - from simple family-run guesthouses to sophisticated five-star hotels - have been involved with the World Cup Committee, the Saslong Classic Club, for years. In some cases, teams, officials and media representatives have been staying in the same hotel for several decades, and close relationships and established friendships have developed between the hosts and their guests, which often continue even after the athletes' careers have ended. The true sense of hospitality.

Since 1969, the Saslong track has been hosting some of the most beautiful and spectacular classic speed races of the entire season. This will also be the case this year, in 2024, when the ‘white circus’ will be hosted at the foot of the Sassolungo, on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th December. And who knows, perhaps this year could be a little different: it could be the first ‘’test‘’ for the 2029 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, right in Val Gardena.