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"I know I can do more"


Christof Innerhofer gave an impressive performance proving that he is also good for a top ranking this year on the Saslong after a fourth place in the first training. In an interview, the South Tyrolean talks about his great start of the season and further goals this World Cup winter.

You can be more than satisfied with the results from the first races, can't you?
Yes, I am. I already felt very comfortable last winter - unfortunately I was never able to convert my performances in the races. This year I'm doing well, which I really appreciate. I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks.

Val Gardena/Gröden is traditionally not the favorite track of the South Tyroleans. Last year, however, you were able to capture a 5th place…
Last year's result gives me a lot of confidence. Before I started into the first training run, last year's downhill result shot right into my head - that's something I can build on, of course.

Anyone who has ever been so far ahead in Val Gardena/Gröden naturally wants more. What do you expect from the weekend?
First and foremost I expect a lot of sunshine and hopefully a lot of people to cheer us South Tyrolean - on and off the track (laughs).

...and for you, personally?
My ultimate goal is to ski well. I want to concentrate on the technique and on the things that make me fast. If all that works out well, the result will come by itself.

Let's look beyond Val Gardena/Gröden. What are your plans for the rest of the season?
First and foremost I want to stay healthy and improve every day. As far as sport is concerned, I was on the podium as often this year as last year. But I know that I can achieve even more - so further podiums are certainly my goal.