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Innerhofer fans are the best


Before the start of the downhill race, the visiting fanclubs met in the center of St. Christina: Before the start of the downhill race, the visiting fan clubs met in the center of St. Christina: they drew a colorful parade from there to the finish area. The jury was impressed by Christof Innerhofer’s fan club, which celebrated its own anniversary this year: its ten-year participation at the Val Gardena races. With Santa Claus, his devilish helper, Schuhplattlerinnen (folk dancers) and the accordion, the colorful group displayed full enthusiasm for their ski idol.

17 fan clubs had registered for the parade on Saturday and they include some anniversaries as well as a debut: the fans of Christof Innerhofer, who have already won twice in this competition, are in Val Gardena/Gröden for the tenth time. On the other hand, the fact clubs of Nicklas Köck and Johannes Kröll came to St. Christina for the first time.

There were a total of about 400 fans for the Super-G on Friday, and 600 fans on Saturday at the downhill, supporting the athletes from the fan grandstand in the Saslong Arena. The steadily increasing number is making the organizers particularly happy.

The winners of this year's parade are expecting a traditional summer outing here in Val Gardena/Gröden. There, the presidents of the fan club members of Innerhofer awaits a leisurely lunch. The jury consisted of representatives of the local tourism organizations.

There was also a very special outing this year, which was organized and accompanied by the responsible of the fan club parade, Genni Tschurtschenthaler: The presidents of the fan clubs were able to participate in the second downhill training enjoying “their” athletes up-close and personal in action from the camel humps.