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"It's a dream come true!"


Here is what the athletes had to say about today’s ladies’ downhill race on the Saslong.

Ilka Stuhec (1st place)
"It was a very exciting race. It's not easy to get good results after an accident, so my victory makes me all the happier. I loved this course. It's different from the ones we usually race. It's hilly, a lot happens during the ride - it was really fun. I'm very happy and looking forward to tomorrow's super-G!"

Nicol Delago (2nd place)
"During the last training I tried to work on finding the line I want to take and during the race I found the perfect one. I thought that I had to give everything. It's really a dream to finish second. It's so incredible because I'm at home. I am speechless and overjoyed!

Ramona Siebenhofer (3rd place)
"The third place on the podium means a lot to me. Of course you race to win but I'm overjoyed because I haven't clinched a podium position for some time now. For me, my race was perfect, I gave it my all. It couldn't have gone better today."