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"Kilde is an outstanding skier"


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was once again unbeatable in the downhill classic, claiming his fifth victory overall on the Saslong. We captured the voices of the main characters after the race.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR/1st place)
"It's no secret that the Saslong is one of my absolute favorite courses in the World Cup. The snow, the many jumps and the flow from start to finish are very special. Also, today I had great fun on the slope, which was excellently prepared despite the unfavorable weather conditions of the last few days. Still, it was challenging, as the conditions were completely different from Thursday. But I knew I caught the Ciaslat well and managed a great run."

Johan Clarey (FRA/2nd place)
"My skis were real weapons today, so it's even more annoying that I messed up the Ciaslat. However, I am delighted with the rest of the run. Although the disappointment about the missed victory is very strong, the joy about my second place will prevail in the end. I am honored to stand on the podium with Kilde because he is an outstanding skier. I am in strong form at the moment. I hope to prove myself in more venues this season. Today's performance will likely be my last here in Val Gardena/Gröden."

Mattia Casse (ITA/3rd place)
"I have often clocked good interim times this year - including on courses that are not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, I have always made mistakes, so I have not yet had a good result to show for it. Thanks to the good split times, I had the self-confidence you need for these races. I'm proud and happy that I finally finished a race. After the media criticism of our team, my third place is doubly important, and I hope this will bring a jolt to the whole team. I dedicate this podium to my parents: they have always believed in me and stood by me even in difficult times. The rest of the season is still long - it's a matter of building on this result and continuing to work hard."

Adrien Theaux (FRA/4th place)
"I made some mistakes - especially in the top part - but overall, I put down a solid run. Still, a fourth place comes as a bit of a surprise. I have to thank my serviceman because he once again prepared sensational skis for me. The slope here, with the many key sections is an absolute dream. For me, the Ciaslat is the most beautiful section in the entire World Cup."

James Crawford (CAN/5th place)
"Today was a perfect day. Especially with the lower part, I am delighted and fifth place is a great result for me. Besides my result, I'm also happy for Mattia Casse, who could finally crown his great career with a podium finish. I like the track here very much, even though I've never been fast and still need to figure out what that's all about. The Saslong suits us North Americans because the conditions and the snow are similar to what we have back home.

Marco Odermatt (SUI/7th place)
"My podium streak is broken, but I am super happy with my result. Today you saw right away that the classic downhill on the original course is completely different from the downhill from the super-G start because you get into the key sections with heavy legs. I lost most of my time in the upper part, but from the level of the super-G start onwards, it was fine again - I can certainly build on that. The downhill is the supreme discipline in the World Cup, so I'm focusing more on the small crystal globe this year. That's why I competed in both races here in Val Gardena/Gröden."