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"Let's talk about skiing, not the pandemic"


On Tuesday evening, the first team captains' meeting of the 53rd Saslong Classic took place in Selva/Wolkenstein. The intensive preparation of the last few months was reviewed taking a look at the upcoming four days of racing.

The meeting was opened by the president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, who warmly welcomed all those present to Val Gardena/Gröden. "We have a special year this year, which has presented us with great challenges. Now we are looking forward to the races and try to spread our passion to the world. The whole valley is behind this World Cup weekend, which makes me particularly proud. We are on fire for skiing - and have been for 53 years," emphasized Senoner.

It was particularly important for Senoner to thank everyone who made it possible to host the event. "A big thank you goes to FIS Race Director Markus Waldner, who I have talked to a lot lately. But also the rest of the FIS team and the entire organizing committee, the people in charge of the course and the media team have done a great job," said the president of the Saslong Classic Club.

"Good slope, great weather"

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner put the sports in focus: "Our big goal this year is to talk about skiing and not about the virus. If we are as disciplined as we were in Val d'Isère, I am confident that we will be able to finish the season."

Waldner is very satisfied with the condition of the piste: "The two cold nights in November produced the snow we needed, so we were almost ready to race then. After the fresh snow, we had to put the nets up again, which was a humongous job." Since the weather forecast looks promising, he said, it is possible to stick to the usual program. "We are assuming good outside conditions. Therefore, the start time remains unchanged at 11:45 am," the FIS Race Director concluded.

The first of two planned downhill training runs will take place on Wednesday. The first training run will be opened by Frenchman Maxence Muzaton.

The complete start list is available here.