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Marc Gisin stable after heavy fall



The Swiss Marc Gisin, who took a heavy fall during the Val Gardena/Gröden downhill, is in a stable condition based on initial feedback.

Gisin lost control just before the Camel Humps, was thrown high through the air and hit the hard track on his back and side. Following the crash, the 30-year-old was first treated on the course and subsequently flown by helicopter to the hospital in Bolzano/Bozen. His condition was so stable that he could be flown back to Switzerland for further examinations on Saturday evening.

The examinations at the regional hospital in Lucerne on Saturday evening and Sunday morning showed that Marc Gisin's general condition continued to stabilize. He communicates directly with the medical staff and his closest relatives, but is currently still intubated. Both MRI and CT examinations of the skull showed no serious injuries. Several rib fractures on the right side, which also resulted in lung injuries, are very painful for him. Apart from a slightly depressed hip socket, the pelvis is uninjured. The back remained undamaged except for a few minor fractures of the spine.

For optimal monitoring and care, Marc Gisin will initially remain hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Lucerne regional hospital.


Fotocredit: Pentaphoto