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"Max is the man to beat"


With his clear victory in the second training session, the Austrian Max Franz definitely established himself as the favorite to win the downhill on Saturday. Here are what the racers had to say about the 2nd day of training.

Max Franz (1st place)
"It's working! Today I raced more aggressively - that worked out very well for me from top to bottom. I found a great line in the Ciaslat, even though I can't quite explain how I took so much time off the others. Now it's all about taking the momentum with me from the training through to Saturday."

Steven Nyman (2nd place)
"I'm very happy with my run. I was very fast in many passages, only in the Ciaslat entrance I made a bigger mistake. If I make no mistakes, I still have reserves. On Saturday, of course, I'll attack full throttle. I know that I, too, have a shot at the gold even if Max is the man to beat."

Beat Feuz (3rd place)
„My training today was positive. A third place is a good result, even if I know that in Val Gardena/Gröden I have often had a bit of difficulty. The course is not very fast yet, but it's in great condition. The Saslong offers everything that a World Cup course has to have.“

Aksel Lund Svindal (9th place)
"At the finish, I was actually surprised at my big lag. Max raced really hard, especially the Ciaslat which he accomplished in a sensational way. My knee and my hand are getting better now. Yesterday I missed the finish jump because I had great respect for it, but it's not that bad. I'm ready for the races and I'll give it my all on both days."

Dominik Paris (12th place)
„Today went a little better than yesterday. The snow in the first training session was a bit soft, while today it was running faster. At the moment I'm not thinking about Saturday's race just yet, as I'm focused on tomorrow's super-G where I hope to do well.“

Christof Innerhofer (19th place)
„Today, the track was slightly slower, with a few different passages, such as - for example - those three gates before the entry into Ciaslat, where I experimented with a slightly narrower line. For the first time I tried to tackle the Ciaslat differently after ten years of always doing it the same way. This is so that I am prepared in case I land further in the actual race.“

Kjetil Jansrud (28th place)
„Training was really good, the conditions are really nice. It’s all ready for the perfect downhill race on Saturday. I’ve skied pretty fast until a few mistakes but I’m happy.“