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New ideas for more safety in skiing


As part of the Ski World Cup, a glimpse into the future of skiing will be takin in the NOI Techpark in Bolzano/Bozen and on the Saslong in Val Gardena/Grödenwill. At the "Safety Innovation Summit", suppliers, research institutes and athletes will discuss new ideas, concepts and projects for race and course safety. All aspects of safety will be explored - from course conditions, equipment and race organization to safety fences and barriers.


Skiing is fun, passion and adrenaline. And it is sometimes dangerous. The goal of the "Safety Innovation Summit" is to ensure that danger does not gain the upper hand. The theme of safety has become ever more prominent in recent years. And yet “there are still risks associated with the sport, as we were so tragically reminded by the death of no fewer than two athletes last season,” explains Petra Seppi from NOI Techpark. This is why it was thought essential to bring together companies, equipment manufacturers, specialists and athletes to discuss solutions.

“Progress in the field of technology is the only way forward if we are to raise the level of safety without sacrificing competitiveness,” stresses Seppi. She is referring to the various areas where one can apply technological leverage, from materials and equipment to the very latest sensor technologies as well as the evaluation of the data thus collected. Sharing ideas with other participants and including research will open up completely new perspectives, enabling us to think ‘outside the box’” according to Seppi.

During the two days of the summit in South Tyrol, sports equipment suppliers will be able to meet scientists, innovators and inventors, and develop new ideas. “On the research side, scientists will have the advantage of being able to test their ideas in practice, whilst for the equipment suppliers the advantage lies in learning about completely new technological approaches,” explains Seppi. This exchange of ideas across disciplines and national borders should lay the foundation for a significant improvement in safety on the piste and during the races.

At the World Cup races in Val Gardena/Gröden, a special focus may be placed on the safety tarps at the edge of the course. In the area of the Ciaslat meadow and in the finish area, specially made tarps are attached, which ensure that a racer who gets in contact with them does not necessarily have to fall. These were provided by Robert Bosch GmbH. Robert Bosch GmbH will also be present at the Saslong. "We are happy to be part of the Ski World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden. The perfectly organized races ideally reflect our values for professional work", emphasizes Patrizia Mairano of Robert Bosch GmbH.

"The topic of safety, which will be addressed at the “Safety Innovation Summit”, is also one of the most important buzzwords in our company: Our range of power tools has a number of integrated safety devices - including mechanical, electrical, and sensor-controlled solutions - that make it possible to work safely and productively. These advanced technologies will also be used this year to prepare the race course," said Mairano.

It is no coincidence that this “Safety Innovation Summit” is taking place in South Tyrol, for this is where expertise is concentrated, based on decades of experience, and where there is already a strong network in the area of Alpine and leisure technology. And on top of all this, Eurac Research has created TerraXCube, a climate chamber where materials can be tested under the most varied and diverse as well as the most adverse range of conditions, from a hot dry desert climate to high altitude storms at heights of up to 9,000 meters above sea level.