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No fan parade in St. Cristina


After the cancellation of the classic downhill race, the traditional fan parade in St. Cristina also had to be cancelled.


The parade, which for many years has been an integral part of the race week in Val Gardena/Gröden, also became victim to the rain. The plan was for the colourful groups to march from St. Cristina towards the finish stadium of the Saslong on the day of the downhill race - but the external circumstances and not least the cancellation of the race itself led to the cancellation of the fan parade as well.

"That we had to cancel the parade is of course a pity for all the fans. The march through the center of St. Cristina has always been a highlight of the fan festival - numerous fan clubs had already registered for this year", commented Genni Tschurtschenthaler, who is responsible for the fans in Val Gardena/Gröden. "But next year the parade will certainly be held again", Tschurtschenthaler added.

The parade is all about having fun for the participating fans - but not only that: during the parade a jury evaluates the individual fan clubs and awards the most creative or meaningful among them. The winning fan club can look forward to a one-day summer excursion to Val Gardena/Gröden including free use of the lifts for and a surprise at a mountain hut.