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Norwegian in pole position at DOLOMITES Val Gardena Ski Trophy


In addition to the two races - the super-G on Friday and the downhill on Saturday - the best speed specialists in the world are also in the run to win another prize at the 53rd Saslong Classic: The athlete who collects the most World Cup points during the race week in Gardena-Gröden will capture the DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy.

After the super-G, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Kjetil Jansrud have the best chances of winning the newly introduced special prize. The Norwegian duo made a good showing in the first race with a first and third place, respectively - the two Scandinavian are also contenders for Saturday’s downhill based on their performances in the training runs. Mauro Caviezel, who finished second in the super-G, also scored a good amount of points, but the Swiss has always struggled on the Saslong in the downhill and has never finished better than eighth.

Behind the top three, Austria's Matthias Mayer (fourth) and Germany's Andreas Sander (fifth) are also in good positions to capture this new prize. With Dominik Paris, who finished the Super-G in twelfth place, South Tyrol is also still fully committed to win in the speed events on the Saslong.

The winner of the DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy will receive an original 3D wooden bust, as well as additional prize money of Euros 5,000 and a short vacation in Val Gardena/Gröden. If two racers are tied in points after the two races, the athlete with the better placing in one of the two races will prevail. If there is also a tie, the better result in the downhill will be the decisive factor. The idea of the special prize was developed by the Organizing Committee of the Saslong Classic in collaboration with DOLOMITES Val Gardena Marketing.

DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy - Intermediate standings after the Super-G:

1st Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR) 100 points
2nd Mauro Caviezel (SUI) 80
3rd Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) 60
4th Matthias Mayer (AUT) 50
5th Andreas Sander (GER) 45

12th Dominik Paris (ITA/Ulten) 22
24th Emanuele Buzzi (ITA) 7
26th Christof Innerhofer (ITA/Gais) 5