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Optimise all that exists and avoid waste


Tangible actions and fewer words. Following this mantra, the people, associations and istitutions from Val Gardena have been working for quite a while now, aware of two things: the first is that living in a unique and universally beautiful place entails responsibility and a concrete commitment; the second is that preserving one’s environment is an important step towards leaving a true legacy to future generations, and this require projects, actions and initiatives.

The four pilasters on which Val Gardena candidacy for the 2029 World Championships is based repeat these concepts, and they are: sportsmanship, which means the valorisation of the athletes from Val Gardena, South Tyrol and the whole Italy, to give a strong impulse to the promotion of Alpine skiing; the legacy to present and future generations; shared participation, because an organisation must be as open as possible to everyone’s involvement, and the respect for the environment, so that technology and innovation are at the service of the territory and not vice versa.

Val Gardena is immersed among sites that are recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and its population has always aimed at using, without waste, the available resources, respecting the environment.
In this sense, the actions implemented in recent years concern various topics. One of them is mobility, where the primary objective of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano is to be able to offer, by 2029, a public transportation service that will run exclusively on hydrogen or electric, also incentivised by the use of the Mobil Card.
Concerning the Green Energy, Val Gardena has been implementing innovating systems for many years now: by now, the entire infrastructure allowing the operation of the ski lifts is powered by 'clean' energy, produced by hydroelectric power plants. As far as alternative energy sources are concerned, the municipalities of Val Gardena already cover their needs with renewable and locally produced energy sources. 

And finally, the issue of Responsibility: economic, social and environmental.

For what concerns the economic aspect, the investments always aim at reducing future costs; for the social one, the purpose is to improve the quality of life of inhabitants and tourists, enhancing a healthy and respectful lifestyle; the environmental one involves, on the other hand, the reduction of traditional transport in favour of those using energy from renewable sources, to preserve the sources themselves, as well as the reduction of waste and its re-use. In short, the concepts of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are promoted.
And that's not all... the Committee has been working for years acquiring 75 percent of the services and goods it needs directly from local suppliers, i.e., located in South Tyrol, guaranteeing a circularity of its financial resources.

Coming back to the bid for the 2029 World Championships, the huge project is to manage to create a transfer and transport system that is completely ski-in, ski-out. This is an ambitious vision that involves the inhabitants of the valley, the Organising Committee, and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, who are in complete agreement with the idea of allowing everyone to move freely on skis, between the various hotels, ski lifts and training and competition areas.