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Promising weather forecasts make us want to do more


During the second team leaders' meeting on Wednesday, the focus was on the first training run and the weather forecasts for the coming days.

The president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, looked back at today’s training run, which was tackled from the Super-G start due to the fog banks in the top section of the course. "After the successful start today, we are looking forward to the second training session. In any case, the forecasts for tomorrow are promising. We will make some changes where necessary in the few places on the course," Senoner said. The decision to start a little further down was the right one, he said.

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner also commented on the external conditions: “We did not expect this fog and actually left us no choice. Tomorrow, however, the weather should be suitable," commented Waldner and added: "In the next few days, the weather should continue to improve. The falling temperatures will certainly be great for the track and make it more compact."

Thursday's schedule includes the second and final training run for Saturday's downhill classic. This will start at 11:45 am as originally planned. The first runner to take to the race track will be the winner of the 2019 super-G, Vincent Kriechmayr of Austria. The TV channel Eurosport will broadcast the training live.

The entire starting list for the second downhill training is available here.