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Saslong course and Key Sections



The Saslong Downhill is named after the Ladin word of the 3181 m high mountain that rises behind it. It is one of the classic Downhill races in the World Cup.

Athletes need courage, skill, power and stamina to accomplish the 3,446m long course which features an altitude change of 839m and a maximum grade of 56%. The Saslong is viewed as one of the most versatile and popular courses in the world, counting nine jumps, 17 larger bumps, several precipices and an energy-sapping flat piece.

The famous Camel Humps are the most spectacular part of the course. The Austrian racer Uli Spiess was the first one to accomplish a jump over all three in 1980. "The Camel Humps is the longest and highest jump in the entire ski circuit” says the two-time downhill World Cup winner Peter Fill from Italy. Up to that point, the humps were elegantly navigated, for example along the so-called “Girardelli Line”.

A few hundred meters south of the Camel Humps, the athletes reach the dreaded Ciaslat meadow with tired thighs and adrenaline levels at an all-time high. The race is often decided on how a racer enters this meadow which is packed with ripples and bumps. Even the smallest mistake on this curvy and corrugated part can get in the way of a podium. This section decides on who is winning or losing the race. Leading interval times can be undone and delays made up right here on Ciaslat.

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