Saslong Classic Club / Gardena - Gröden
Str. Dursan, 106    |    I - 39047 St. Cristina
Tel. +39 0471 793450
codice destinatario: MJ1OYNU
VAT Reg No: IT01657370217


Secure your Anniversary Ticket


On September 2, the anniversary celebration will begin in St.Christina and on December 15 and 16 it will be time to celebrate the anniversary race on the Saslong. Tickets for the Super-G and the Downhill are available now.

It will be the 50th time that World Cup races are taking place in Val Gardena/Gröden and ski fans can look forward to them already now. Traditionally, there are two races, a Super-G on Friday, 15 December and a Downhill the next day. A special highlight awaits on Friday evening: a TV show to celebrate the anniversary.

Spectators will be spoiled for choice in the races: to witness the emotions of the world’s best skiers at the finish, the spectacular jumps on the Camel Humps or the captivating speed along the track. For the first time, there will be a Camel Humps FORST Village located immediately below the Camel Humps where fans can enjoy a sensational view at one of the most incredible sections of the whole ski World Cup.

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