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"Should be very exciting again": Ready for the downhill classic


The super-G is in the books, and now the focus is on Saturday's downhill. At the team captains' meeting on Friday in Selva/Wolkenstein, those responsible for the Val Gardena/Gröden race week were in good spirits. 

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner briefly reviewed the super-G in a statement: "The race was a typical Val Gardena/Gröden event and was exciting even for the last racer. Overall, there were no major problems. The only downside is the fall of the Austrian Andreas Ploier. We hope nothing serious happened and wish him all the best."

"Congratulations to the organizers for the great super-G. The weather and the course also look good for tomorrow, so we can look forward to another top-class race," commented a positive Einar Witteveen, who is working as a FIS technical delegate in Val Gardena/Gröden.

The President of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, was also satisfied with how the super-G went. He also thanked everyone involved in the Val Gardena/Gröden race week - from the national teams to the race jury and the organizing committee.

The weather should be fine for the downhill on Saturday. "The forecasts are good. We are expecting a sunny day with real 'downhill weather.' It should also be very exciting on the original course," concludes FIS Race Director Markus Waldner.

The downhill classic on the Saslong will start at 11:45 am.