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Ski Champions Walk in Selva/Wolkenstein



Last Saturday, the Ski Champions Walk was opened in Selva/Wolkenstein. The historic path was designed by the local tourist office and the municipality of Selva/Wolkenstein. It is dedicated to the Ski World Cup and Val Gardena/Gröden's ski history.

The Ski World Cup on Saslong celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The Ski Champions Walk is not only intended to commemorate the ski legends that have been successful in Val Gardena/Gröden, but also the pioneers of the valley, who believed with great commitment and foresight in the idea of skiing in the valley.

An audio guide explains the historic path as a journey through time: from the beginnings of alpine skiing in Val Gardena/Gröden to today's famous ski arena, which every year hosts exciting downhill and super-G races of the Ski World Cup. The starting point is behind the ski school and leads over the former railway line to Plan.