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Speakers in a class of their own in the Saslong stadium


The Ski World Cup lives on emotions, and the speakers at the Finish substantially contribute to this outstanding atmosphere. Because of the 55th Saslong Classic, the organizers rely on the tried and tested. As last year, Claudia Morandini and Stefan Steinacher will fire up the thousands of fans in the Finish Stadium.  

Morandini, who can also be seen as a TV presenter, gets the fans going with her enthusiastic manner at numerous sporting events in Italy. Steinacher, on the other hand, is a walking ski encyclopedia and is very familiar with all the stars of the scene. They will be supported by the well-known South Tyrolean presenter Silvia Fontanive. So let's look forward to a mega atmosphere at the Saslong Stadium.

The picture shows the board members Moritz Demetz (left) and Thomas Wielander (right) with Claudia Morandini and Stefan Steinacher.