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Speed Clinic: supporting the champions of tomorrow


Sustainability has a wide variety of meanings which are not limited to paying attention to the environment, but also being able to invest in the community to leave something tangible to the territory and the future generations. The organisation of the second Speed Clinic in Val Gardena goes in this direction and represents the will of the World Cup Organising Committee to invest in young talents and help them grow up and have the right experiences.

After the first edition of the Speed Clinic, which took place between 28th and 30th November in Val Gardena, just before the annual FIS races (more than 100 since 2012) organised at Plan de Gralba, the Organising Committee of the Val Gardena Ski World Cup races (also candidate for the 2029 World Ski Championships), has pursued its commitment towards young ski talents with a second Speed Clinic, which took place from April 1st to 4th on the slopes of Piz Sella.

Introducing young athletes to speed disciplines: this is, in short, the goal of the Speed Clinic, which allows girls and boys to approach the speed disciplines (SG + DH) and begin to train for the next racing season.

This second edition of the Speed Clinic was attended by young athletes participating in the FIS Training Programme as well as athletes born in 2008 from all over the world, together with athletes from Val Gardena, South Tyrol and Trentino. An important opportunity, where about fourty athletes were able to receive all the necessary assistance, from perfectly prepared slopes to ski passes, from the support of the professionals of the World Cup Organising Committee (coordinated by former athlete Werner Perathoner) to the support to athletes without a coach.

An innovative training programme, announced for the first time during last year's FIS Technical Committee Meetings in Dubrovnik and Zurich.

A total of 78 young athletes – girls born between 2004 and 2007 - accompanied by 33 coaches and representing various countries, had already participated in the first edition in November.

Every year in December, Val Gardena hosts – as we all know – Alpine Ski World Cup races and its sports history is a legacy for all generations.

Over the years, it has also become a valuable source of know-how, a set of experiences that allows one to invest in people, enhancing professionals but above all creating those who will be able to carry on this important investment in the area in the future.

One of the four pilasters on which Val Gardena's candidature for the 2029 World Championships is based is indeed the legacy, that is to say, the leaving of a legacy to present and future generations, thanks to the infrastructures that will be improved or implemented and that will have to be a common good also after the event.

The efforts and the work done on young people have led to more than 50 Gardena athletes having competed in at least one World Cup race in the history of this sport; a record number that confirms the attitude of supporting talents and the Speed Clinic project can do nothing but foster this reservoir of future champions.