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Taking Full Risks: Vincent Kriechmayr's Thrilling super-G Victory on the Saslong


"Luck often materializes in mere hundredths of a second, a truth Vincent Kriechmayr experienced in Friday's super-G, clinching his third triumph on the Saslong with the thinnest of margins. For the Austrian, the immediate post-race realization was that a bold and risky strategy had played a pivotal role in securing victory.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT - 1st place): "Today, I delivered a stellar performance on the skis, and I'm genuinely pleased with that. Navigating this relatively straightforward course demanded taking full risks, pushing to the limit without dwelling too much on the racing line. Snatching victory so closely from my teammate is a bit bittersweet—I'd have preferred a tie over winning by two hundredths of a second. However, I'm confident that Daniel will soon celebrate his first World Cup triumph."

Daniel Hemetsberger (AUT - 2nd place): "Missing victory by those two hundredths is naturally frustrating, but the razor-thin margins here in Val Gardena/Gröden are consistently astonishing. None of us Austrians were content with yesterday's downhill results, prompting each of us to give our all today. Fortunately, it worked out perfectly. Sometimes, putting a setback behind you is enough—because no one becomes a better skier overnight."

Marco Odermatt (SUI - 3rd place): "I'm content with my run, even if it fell short of victory after yesterday. The super-G today flowed smoothly, and the course was arguably one of the easiest in my career. I can build on this successful start for the rest of the World Cup season. Physically fit, I'll approach tomorrow's downhill on the original course with the same determination."

Mattia Casse (ITA - 8th place): "I performed strongly on three-quarters of the course. While I improved on the Ciaslat compared to yesterday, there's room for refining my line there. I need to analyze this section again for tomorrow's downhill because the rest was very promising. This result holds personal significance as the beginning of the super-G season for me—now, it's crucial to maintain this momentum in the upcoming races. Tomorrow's goal is to once again keep up with the very fastest.”

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR - 37th place): "I can't really explain my poor performance. Maybe I just wanted too much and didn't let the ski go as it should. As the course was set quite simply, you're immediately pushed back if you're not at full speed.”

Florian Schieder (ITA/Kastelruth - 37th place): "My run was actually quite okay, but every mistake costs dearly here. With a one-second lag, it's not enough to even make the top 30—just that alone shows that the level in the World Cup has risen, and we've come closer together. The conditions are relatively 'easy,' making it challenging to solely rely on skiing talent to make a difference. In the downhill tomorrow, the cards will be re-shuffled again: the flat section at the top plays a significant role, so I expect the time gaps to widen."