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The first training makes you want for more


During the second team captains’ meeting in Selva/Wolkenstein, FIS and the Organizing Committee reviewed the first downhill training and took a look at the rest of the race week ahead. The team is pleased with today and ready for the second training day.


"We had not only a perfect course and great weather, but were also lucky that all racers safely crossed the finish line. We expect the same for the second training run" commented the visibly satisfied technical delegate Edi Dreschl.

FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner agreed with the assessment and found only positive words for the course. "The training was really very good. Today, the Saslong looked pretty simple, but until the weekend this will change and the track will be faster. We didn't have any problems with the jumps either“ added Waldner.

The second and last downhill training is scheduled for Thursday. The Swiss Mauro Caviezel will be the first racer on the course at 11:45 am. The training will be broadcast live by the TV station Eurosport.

The complete starting list for the second training run can be found here.