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The Jumps and Bumps of the Saslong


The venerable Saslong at the foot of the Sassolungo/Langkofel mountain is one of the most attractive courses in the entire ski circuit. Here are the key sections of the 3,446-meter-long downhill run.

Start: Ciampinoi (2,249 m / 45.54 % gradient)
The second downhill of this World Cup winter will start at Selva/Wolkenstein’s home mountain.

Spinel (2,091 m / 56.90 % gradient)
Drop-off right after the start is the steepest section of the course.

Saut dl Moro (2,018 m / 36.90 % gradient)
The first big jump, named after the Moro meadow.

Socher's walls (1,900 m / 55.90 % gradient)
Steep section with up to 55.9 gradient named after the Sochers meadows.

Camel hump (1,813 m / 51.27 % slope)
The trademark of the Saslong, with jumps of over 80 meters long and an air level of up to six meters. Jumped over for the first time in 1980 by the Austrian Uli Spiess. Initially named "Costa de Gialina" (Gialina Ridge) before being renamed by FIS delegate Sepp Sulzberger.

Ciaslat (1,720 m / 30.18 % gradient)
Strong turning passage with up to 17 smaller and larger, corrugated bumps. The Ciaslat is named after the meadows of the same name.

Nucia curve (1,550 m / 51.60 % gradient)
Up to 51.6 percent steep curve that veers sharply to the left. Named after the Nucia farm.

Tunnel Jump and Shot (1,489 m / 39.04 % gradient)
Target jump named after the Saslong tunnel, completed in 2009, which passes under the jump.