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The Press Center is the heart of the Val Gardena/Gröden race week


Just as in years past, the media center for the speed classics on the Saslong is once again located in the gymnasium of St. Cristina. All paths lead to this centrally located building - at the same time, the spacious and well-ventilated hall offers all media people a safe workplace.

The media center, which is located not far from the finish area of the Saslong, serves as the first point of contact for media representatives of all outlets during the Val Gardena/Gröden race week. More than 200 accredited individuals from twelve different nations are expected here for the races on the weekend. In view of the current situation, meticulous care is being taken to ensure that all COVID regulations are adhered to and that the risk of infection is as low as possible.

"Here in the interior of the press center, the 3G rule applies - thus only vaccinated, recovered and tested persons are allowed to enter the press center. Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere in the hall," explains Evi Hilpold, who has been in charge of the press center since 2018. "We have moved the seating areas further apart and equipped all areas with numerous disinfectants. We also air the premises regularly. In this way, we try - despite all the circumstances - to create as pleasant a working atmosphere as possible," says Hilpold.

The media center is also well equipped outside of the COVID regulations: from a fast Internet connection to the collection of all relevant information and a contact point for general questions, press representatives will find everything they need for their daily work here. This is precisely why the press center has been appreciated by the many journalists for years.

"This year, print as well as radio and online media are again very well represented. So nothing stands in the way of extensive international coverage of the Val Gardena/Gröden Race Week," Hilpold is pleased to say.