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"The safety of the racers comes first"


With a heavy heart the race jury together with the organizing committee Val Gardena/Gröden had to cancel the downhill classic on the Saslong. The president of the OC team, Rainer Senoner, explains the cancellation of the race.


"Unfortunately, the weather has not been on our side this year, so we were forced to cancel the downhill race. With the current conditions, it was not possible to execute a regular race. The safety and protection of the athletes is our first priority – therefore, a cancellation of the downhill race was unavoidable", Senoner explained the decision.

The president of the OC team expressed his deep gratitude to all volunteers who worked around the clock over the last few days and gave their best: "All the workers on and off the course as well as behind the scenes did a great job. It just wasn't meant to be this year - but I still want to thank everyone for their great commitment".

At the same time, Senoner was already looking ahead to the coming year: "We have already started work on the next edition in 2020 and hope to be able to provide a great racing week again.“