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The Saslong editorial team is ready to go


After months of preparations, everything is set in Val Gardena/Gröden for an extraordinary World Cup week on the venerable Saslong. This year, the speed classics in the heart of the Dolomites will take place in front of empty stands due to the Coronavirus pandemic - nevertheless ski fans will be able to experience both races up close. This is made possible by the Saslong editorial team, which, true to the motto "We bring the World Cup to the fans at home", will provide fans with all the relevant information as quickly as possible.

The editorial team is on duty the whole week and feeds ski fans and journalists with exciting background information about the race week in Val Gardena/Gröden. Whether at the team captains' meetings, during the training sessions or for the races themselves - the Saslong editorial team is always close at hand reporting in real time on what is happening on-site. Once again, the website serves as a platform for the online reports, where all news, articles and interviews can be read. The wide range of information is supplemented by multimedia content uploaded to the social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Responsible for the editorial work is Hannes Kröss, who has returned for the second time as head of communications. He is supported by Evi Hilpold, who as head of the press center coordinates the support of all media people, and Alexia Demez, who takes care of PR. They are assisted by Monika Stuflesser, Iris Prugger and Isabell Rabanser.


Sara Valduga, Kathrin Dellago and Martin Straudi are responsible for the texts in Italian, English and German, respectively. Michael Mair am Tinkhof and Christian Plankl keep an eye on the social media, while Katharina Gräber handles the technical work in the background.

Photographers Robert Perathoner and Ivan Mahlknecht provide the visuals.