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The voices of the first training in Val Gardena/Gröden


At the first training run for the downhill classic on the Saslong, the American Travis Ganong was the fastest of all. After the training, racers gave their first assessments for the record.

Travis Ganong (1st place)
„The terrain seems easier. Normally, the Camel Humps are really big and scary and Ciaslat really sharp and his year it’s a little less aggressive and you can really look for speed and push. So not as much risk this year but also perfect with really smooth snow, no water or ice on the track and really enjoyable to ski. The reason the US team seems so strong on this course is because we just all grow up free-skiing and not much racing, we do a lot of jumping off things and really comfortable on all terrain and this track does not have real turns with the exception of one on the top and one above Ciaslat.“

Max Franz (2nd place)
„I didn't want to take any particular risks on the Camel Humps. I followed the first athletes on the monitor and at that point I noticed that the track was, let's say, "welcoming" and so it was also in my downhill. The track conditions are really perfect, even if the visibility will not be the same as in the past because of the earlier start time.“

Bryce Bennett (3rd place)
„The course is in good shape this year. I absolutely love this downhill, its definitely my favorite. All the terrain is built well and its kind of my strong area as my bike racing background translates well into this course. My first training was good and hopefully i can keep rolling, slowly working my way up. I’m hoping for a few top results, to keep chipping away at getting on the podium and hopefully winning one of this races soon.“

Christof Innerhofer (4th place)
„Already in the upper section of the track I had a good feeling, confirmed then also in the rest of the training. I am very satisfied with this performance and also with the result.“

Kjetil Jansrud (7th place)
„Training was good, I think I skied well all the way taking it easy at the bottom to save some power as it’s going to be a long weekend. Hopefully if the weather stays we’re going to get a really nice race.“

Steven Nyman (10th place)
„I love it here, obviously, but one of the big motivations during my rehab the past few years was always to ski this hill. Last year, I was in no shape to do anything and I still came to ski it as I enjoy it, I love it and it’s so fun. This year it’s a little different. The terrain is smaller, obviously the snow is really nice and smooth. In the first training run the snow was slow but as the week goes on, it will get faster and faster and the terrain will become harder and tougher to navigate. The key is knowing where to go over the terrain and to go with conviction and desire and when you do that you’re going to set yourself apart from 90% of the field and hope for good things.“

Dominik Paris (54th place)
„The track today was slow and soft for my taste, but I'm sure the situation will change in the days before the race. The many people who prepare the track here always do a great job and for this reason I don't foresee any problem. In tomorrow's training I will try to find the ideal line. Then we'll see what happens.“