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The whole Saslong team is ready


The Sunday evening kick-off meeting before the Val Gardena/Gröden race week is essential, bringing together the Saslong Classic Club board, the organizing committee, and representatives from involved institutions and local security forces. This gathering marks the eagerly anticipated start of the South Tyrolean winter sports festival.

Mayor Roland Demetz of Selva Gardena/Wolkenstein commenced the meeting with a warm welcome. Acknowledging the global attention on Val Gardena/Gröden due to recent race cancellations, he expressed hope for favorable weather. He thanked the diligent Saslong Classic Club for their yearly dedication to preparations. Mayor Demetz emphasized the exceptional motivation and commitment evident in the team, extending beyond the World Cup bid. President Rainer Senoner further emphasized the collective effort, highlighting the importance of each person's contribution to the event's success.

Senoner provided insights into this year's races, announcing three speed events on the legendary Saslong in 2023. The rescheduled downhill race from Zermatt-Cervinia is set for Thursday, December 14, followed by the super-G on Friday, December 15, and the classic downhill concluding the 56th Saslong Classic on Saturday, December 16. Senoner thanked political institutions, tourism, and lift companies for their generous support, underscoring the collective commitment crucial to the event's success.

Touching on the new Look & Image concept, Senoner conveyed his wishes for a successful Saslong Week to all attendees, emphasizing their host role. The meeting also saw the presence of Honorary President Edmund Dellago and FIS athlete spokesperson Verena Stuffer, adding to the collaborative spirit permeating the preparations for the prestigious winter sports festival.