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Theaux also kicking off downhill with start number 1



The award ceremony of the super-G on Friday evening on the Antonius Square in Ortisei/St. Ulrich was immediately followed by the the bib draw for Saturday’s downhill.

Like the super-G, the downhill will also be opened by Frenchman Adrien Theaux. He will be the first of 62 racers to take the plunge towards the finish line starting at 11:45 am. Christof Innerhofer and Kjetil Jansrud - both on the podium in the Super-G - race with bibs eight and nine, respectively.

The fastest of the final training session, Max Franz from Austria, has bib eleven, while the second South Tyrolean from the top group, Dominik Paris from the Ulten valley, will start with bib 13. The leader of the Downhill World Cup, Beat Feuz (Switzerland), follows with bib 17, super-G winner and Saslong record holder Aksel Lund Svindal has bib 19 as the penultimate racer of the top group.

The complete starting list of the downhill can be found here.