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There are 25 "special" fans In Val Gardena/Gröden


Due to this year’s special circumstances, the majority of the World Cup events in the various winter sports disciplines in 2020/21 will take place without attending spectators. Nevertheless, 25 "special" fans will be present in the finish stadium of the Saslong on the last weekend before Christmas - made possible by a cooperation with Unika, the Val Gardena/Gröden platform for sculpture, painting and photography.

The creation of wood-carved figures is a century old tradition in Val Gardena. What had started as a small endeavour around 1600 has become a main trade for many people in this Dolomite valley. In 1994 Unika has been founded and since then it is a known platform for sculpture, painting, turnery and photography by local and regional artists. Unika stands for hand-carved unique pieces and has currently 40 members. The Unika association offers an impressive variety of sculptures and pictures that are as different and individual as their creators themselves. Whether figurative or abstract, profane or sacred, one characteristic unites all works: they are exclusively hand-carved and unique.

he wooden fans, a historical undertaking to sculpt 50 full-size wooden figures, 25 of them are exposed in the finish area of the World Cup races in Val Gardena. A masterpiece that the Unika group achieved brilliantly thanks to their craftsmanship, creativity and collective strength. The fans were honored with the South Tyrol Marketing Award in 2004 and have been exhibited at various major national and international events.