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"This is all part of competing in an outdoor sports event"


Stubborn fog banks, long interruptions and a new winning face: the super-G on the Saslong really had it all. Here are the voices of the athletes.

Vincent Kriechmayr (1st place)
I won the race so it was clearly a good run. I’m happy and pleased with my skiing today. The Saslong track is a legendary downhill, a classic, very difficult with good jumps. Today’s performance boosted my confidence so i’m looking foward to tomorrow.

Kjetil Jansrud (2nd place)
These issues with the weather are part of competing in an outdoor sport. You can’t always have sunshine and good weather. The fog comes and goes but the OC has done its best and put foward a great race track. I’m very pleased with my second place. I just returned from racing in the United States and Canada with some lower standings than I expected and because I’m usually fast, it tells me something about the shape I’m in. Now it’s all about relaxing the nerves to get ready for tomorrow’s donwhill.

Thomas Dreßen (3rd place)
It must have been the fast skis from my serivce man that helped me ski this way today. The snow conditions were wet with relatively slow speeds but my service man put me on rocket skis today to make sure that i’m super fast. Super-G isn’t exactly my best discipline which is why I was so happy about my run today. My knee was still bothering me yesterday and a little swollen this morning, too but then i tried to ski in a relaxed way and have fun and I had no idea that I was going that fast. I tried to stay in a squat as much as i can and it worked. Watching a few racers ahead of me, I noticed that they made up time after the last interim time by skiing in schuss. So I dedcided to do that as much as I can, too. It’s a lot easier for me to stay motivated and to give it my all in the actual race whereas I measure myself in training skiing more safely.

Dominik Paris (5th place)
The run wasn’t bad but it’s always tough to be the first to start after an interruption. I’ve tried hard but when sometimes it just doesn‘t work. Conditions are usually not optimal for those starting right after an interruption as the water is pushing through the snow given the warmer temperatures. Logically not ideal but it’s also hard to know how much that really mattered. Looks like they just didn‘t want to play along… both Val Gardena/Gröden and the weather…