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Val Gardena hands over World Championships questionnaire at FIS headquarters


The Saslong Classic Club has set the next milestone on its way towards the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships. The Val Gardena World Cup organizers, who can count on the strong support of the Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI centered around president Flavio Roda for their ambitious project, sent the questionnaire to the International Ski and Snowboard Federation FIS in due time a few days ago.

The questionnaire is a kind of application folder in which the various applicants present their vision of how they would like to organize and host possible World Championships. It includes very technical aspects (logistics, slopes, competition program, weather statistics), financial and legal data (budget, insurances), marketing and communication measures, but also cultural characteristics of the respective area. In its call for proposals, the FIS pays special attention to the topics of sustainability, inclusion and equal opportunities.

A team of eight experts has worked intensively on the Val Gardena World Championships questionnaire over the past year and a half. The document contains over 200 pages of information - texts, graphics and photos. A number of short videos have also been linked in order to make the document as multimedia-based as possible. An essential part of the questionnaire are also the declarations of intent of various political, scientific or humanitarian institutions, which have already promised their support and cooperation in a possible World Championships project at this point in time.

The four pillars of the Val Gardena World Championships bid
"Our candidacy is based on four fundamental pillars: sportsmanship, the legacy for future generations, participation and respect for the environment. Values that are also shared with us by the Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI, as our main promoter. I would like to thank our team for preparing the dossier, but also all those institutions and partners who believe in our great dream of the Alpine World Ski Championships 2029 in Val Gardena. We sincerely hope that in about ten months the FIS will give us the confidence", says Rainer Senoner, President of the Saslong Classic Club and of the bid committee

"The Italian Winter Sports Federation has supported the Val Gardena bid project from the very beginning, as we consider it to be extremely competitive at world level and it deserves the attention and recognition of all the members of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation. Now it is a matter of successfully completing the last part of the bid and convincing the Board members of the validity of the Italian proposal for 2029. Also in this case we will stand by the side of the Organizing Committee and do our utmost to ensure that the World Championships come to Val Gardena and thus become the next great sporting event in our mountain world", underlines Flavio Roda, President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI.

During the FIS Autumn Meeting in Zurich at the end of September, the World Championships questionnaire will be briefly presented to the FIS Evaluation Commission. If anything is unclear, the document can be revised again by the individual applicants before the various commissions of the FIS will evaluate the information during local inspections. After a final presentation at the next FIS Congress in Reykjavik, the FIS Executive Board will award the 2029 World Championships on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.