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VIDEO: “Course will continue to develop very well"


FIS race director Markus Waldner was very satisfied with the first downhill training. The resident from nearby Brixen/Bressanone also has no doubts for the upcoming race weekend and expects exciting competitions on a fast track.

First training concluded and reactions were mixed. Clearly, temperatures were really low today - minus 17C - reflected in a snow that was little dull and thus not conducive to very high speeds. But it still worked as the total time was 1:57 which comes close to last year’s winner’s time. The course will absolutely continue to develop until the day of the race on Saturday as we will no longer use any machines. It’s exactly what we want for that first training, to have a little room to play particularly on the jumps so that by the time of the race skiers can approach key sections with an additional 10 km/h which is perfect for the jumps. It is going to be another spectacular race by Saturday as the Saslong continues to get in optimal shape.