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We always act as fair as possible


The fog made things difficult during today's race: It got thick quickly, making it a challenge to do the right thing.” I would like to thank everyone who made today’s race possible. The track was in great conditions” says Markus Waldner, FIS race director, at today's last team captains’ meeting in Val Gardena/Gröden. "We always try to act as fairly as possible - but unfortunately it was not that easy here today" Waldner continues.

The fog was - in this way - not predicted. The FIS has tried everything possible to bring the race to the end: in addition to shortening the start intervals, TV breaks were also shortened or even canceled. "Nevertheless, we had to stop the race after the 38th runner," said Waldner.

Also the technical delegate of the FIS, Thomas Gsodam, apologized for the cancelation: “The fog was too dense where I was positioned on the track. The visibility was too weak, and safety could not be guaranteed. Thus, a cancellation was inevitable.”

For tomorrow's downhill, the weather forecasts are much better. "We are looking forward to the downhill and hope that the weather plays along this time. But before we get to that, there is a good reason to celebrate this week as well as the last 50 years at the anniversary show tonight" says Rainer Senoner, president of the Organizing Committee in Val Gardena/Gröden.

Finally the president thanked the FIS, the organizers as well as the coaches and teams for their cooperation and good organization: "See you next year."

The start list for tomorrow's departure can be found here!