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"We are ready for Saturday"


At the third team captains' meeting on Thursday evening, those responsible for the Val Gardena-Gröden race week reviewed the successful final training for the downhill scheduled for Saturday.


The president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, thanked everyone involved for the two smoothly-run training sessions. With the injury of the Swede Felix Monsen, however, the second training run drew a downer. "We are very sorry for the accident of Felix (he had an unfortunate fall in the middle section and had to be taken away by helicopter, editor's note). On behalf of the organizers I wish Felix a speedy recovery and hope that he gets well as soon as possible," commented Senoner.

FIS technical delegate Hans-Peter Auernig also spoke of a "very good organization and excellent cooperation between the OC team and team coaches." Auernig joined Senoner sending get-well wishes to the injured Monsen.

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner emphasized the great importance of the final training. "The second training always plays a fundamental role with regard to the actual race. We are ready for the downhill and are predicting good conditions," Waldner said.

According to Waldner, Monsen did not have a heavy fall, but it was very unfortunate and not without consequences. In any case, this is not an indication that anything was wrong with today’s course set by Austrian Hannes Trinkl, who is also responsible for the course on Saturday.