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"We confidently look forward to Friday and Saturday"


At the third team captains' meeting on Thursday, the focus was once again on the weather forecast of the next few days. Although the forecasts do not look too promising, nothing should stand in the way of the two races.


FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner is in a positive mood despite the delicate weather forecasts: "About five to eight centimetres of fresh snow are expected overnight in the upper part of the track. It will rain at lower altitudes - which means that there will be a lot of work to be done on the course". But the biggest problem is not the precipitation but the expected fog: "Similar to Wednesday, fog banks could pose a challenge again. That's why we're hoping for some snowfall around noon - this should remove the fog," added Waldner.

The super-G is scheduled to start at 11:45 am as planned. In the event of delays, the last possible starting time is 2:15 pm.

Everything is also ready for the downhill on Saturday

Waldner is also confidently looking forward to the downhill classic on Saturday: "The track was faster than expected during training and the jumps were also very long in some parts, but we will be able to straighten this out before the race. We will work especially on the final schuss. On the whole, the track is in a very good condition.

Rainer Senoner, President of the Organising Committee Val Gardena/Gröden thanked all volunteers on and off the course for the smooth running of the downhill training. "We certainly made the right decision cancelling the first training", Senoner emphasized. The FIS technical delegate Wilfried Däuber agreed with him and spoke of a "very good training, which despite the large number of racers went without interruption or major problems.

Waldner was also very satisfied with the training: "It was right to start at 10 am. A few athletes made a gate error, but everything is under control in terms of the race track". Finally, the FIS Chief Race Director announced that Christof Innerhofer will be starting as a forerunner in the races. The South Tyrolean speed specialist had originally intended to celebrate his race comeback on the Saslong, but cancelled his participation in the two competitions after today’s training.



"We confidently look forward to Friday and Saturday"